Mountain Mobilzation Coverage Continued

Despite an extensive number of photographs available both on Facebook and Flickr and another short film of both the rally yesterday and the occupation, coverage of RAMPS mountain mobilization July 28 of the Hobet mountaintop removal mine remains sparse, with the exception of an Associated Press story with no byline dateline Charleston, WV.  It appears that the San Francisco Chronicle ran the whole story,  Other media outlets truncated it severely.

As you may recall, RAMPS indicated the first arrest had been made at 9:02 a.m.  I wrote the State Police spokesman Sergeant Michael M. T. Baylous (email) with a copy to Colonel Jay Smithers (email yesterday at 11:15 a.m. asking if there was  someplace where I could look online for the
police report (including complaining witness, arresting officers,  time of arrest, arrestee age, charge, place of incarceration, release time if any, bond set, conditions )   If not, could you  supply it or tell me who could.  Also could I have a statement from the Superintendent on the arrests.
I got back the surprising reply at 11:59 a.m. from Baylous that

We have no comment to make as I'm not aware of the event you mentioned. Anyone in the regional jail may be found at www.wvrja.com
Unfortunately, that's not exactly accurate, as the records are only up for the day and require that you know which jail.  After the day is over you need the name of the arrestee.  That's why I wrote Baylous back this afternoon:

Have you still no comment to make.  Unfortunately the link you gave me does not provide the full information and also provides no way to search by date; hence the arrests for July 28 were unavailable when I checked on July 29.
I'll let you know if he answers.