You Cannot Regulate an Abomination

So said Wendell Berry in his "Speech Against the State Government."

So, read this MOU and weep. June 11, the EPA , the Army Corps and the Department of Interior issued its agreement on Mountaintop Removal Mining. The Obama administration Council on Environmental Quality touted it as an "unprecedented" "reform" to

strengthen oversight and regulation, minimize adverse environmental consequences of mountaintop coal mining.

As my friend Bo Webb in Coal River said in an email,

Personally, I believe this is nothing more than a publicity stunt conspired for the purpose of attempting to slow down the growing restlessness in mtr communities. An attempt to play "negotiation" with the larger green organizations, thinking they may possibly create a wedge and clam up those of us that are living this nightmare. All things considered the logical approach to controlling mountaintop removal is to ban it. It's not a complicated issue even though they try to make it one. Jobs? That's baloney. Put the demolition crews to work cleaning up the mess they've made. Need the coal? Baloney. Stockpiles are mounting everywhere. I don't want to see us get side tracked with this foolishness. Ban the crime, simple as that. And please, let's not go along with calling it mountain top mining. That would send the first signal that their stunt has a chance to work.