Waxman lands Chairmanship

Cartoon by Dr. Zaius at his June 27, 2006 blog post.

"Dingell’s Defeat Part of a Pattern of Growing California Clout" by CQ's Jonathan Allen, provides an interesting background on the shift of power to Henry Waxman. See memorandum.

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Five detainees ordered released "forthwith" after seven years at Guantanamo (Glenn Greenwald)

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thankspotgivingluck (week before Thanksgiving potluck at Jason and Kim's.) The instructions:

please come over Thursday night at 7PM with a smile and your favorite thanksgiving dish. we'd like to request no turkeys though, unless they are alive and don't mind the company of cats.
I made an apple/cranberry/peach compote. There were several apple pies, an onion tart, several sweet potato dishes, mashed potatoes, stuffed squash, chili, a kidney bean stir fry, several homemade breads, Liam's almond ice cream and more. Yum. There was another light dusting of snow as I left, but no accumulation.

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