Andrew Sullivan on Sarah Palin

Here's a transcript of Sarah Palin's speech at the Republican Convention from September 3. Now Rasmussen finds that Palin is more popular than either McCain or Obama. After linking to an an analysis by Mark Blumenthal, The Atlantic's Andrew Sulllivan opines today over at his blog, the Daily Dish:
My view is that the GOP is now like Wile E Coyote about half a mile off the cliff suspended in mid-air. Yes, the speech was a great moment: a former sportscaster knows how to deliver a speech written for her. But we have two months to get to know her, if she's still on the ticket in November.
I think she'll still be on the ticket, but it will be interesting to see if her popularity holds up, or if Troopergate and her polarizing tactics become a drag on McCain's efforts to win the White House.