News I found 7/19/08

My job on Saturdays is to prepare the feed for NewsTrust. All links are for the reviews at there, where you will find a link to the original stories.

  1. What about punishment?--Running a hospital This is interesting because a large Boston Hospital, one of whose surgeons committed a error, has already been covered in the Boston Globe...now the CEO weighs in on the internal debate
  2. Acceptance of Gay People in Military Grows Dramatically—WaPo
  3. Gramm's Out: Minsk or Bust--Newsweek
  4. The missing numbers in the emissions equation--Sydney Morning Herald-- Australia just presented its attempt at a nationwide scheme to cut greenhouse-gas emissions by 60% by 2050...The paper analyzes the working paper as part of a series I've linked to.
  5. Carbon play an act of belief--The Australian –an editorial on the same topic
  6. A Detailed Explanation Of How The BSA Misleads With Piracy Stats--TechDirt
  7. Prosecution of Bear Fund Managers Gets Underway in Brooklyn—WSJ
  8. Political harmony v. the rule of law--Salon (Greenwald)
  9. Across China, Security Instead Of Celebration—WaPo
  10. Uncomfortable Answers to Economic Questions—NYT
  11. Africa's Last and Least—WaPo--This is the latest in a series of articles that the Post has been doing on the Global Food Crisis.
  12. Flip-Flop Flap--New Yorker
  13. Obama Travels to Afghanistan--WaPo
  14. McCain to Focus On Domestic Issues—WaPo
  15. Iraqis Differ on Obama's Plans—WaPo
  16. U.S., Iraq Agree To 'Time Horizon'—WaPo
  17. Self-Interest Is Bad?--Weekly Standard
  18. Crisis? What Crisis?--Time
  19. How to Save Afghanistan—Time
  20. Watching TV in Kabul—NYT
  21. The Next Kind of Integration—NYT
  22. Salafi Jihadists in Gaza: 'Compared to Us, Hamas Is Islamism Lite'--Der Spiegel
  23. 'As Soon as Possible'—Der Spiegel
  24. 'The Tenure of Coalition Troops in Iraq Should Be Limited'—Der Spiegel
  25. Tim Duy: Not So Bad?--Economist's View
  26. The Economy--Washington Monthly
  27. Bin Laden's Soft Support--Washington Monthly