The Senate's FISA Shenanigans

Okay, friends, midst all the election noise, the estimable Russ Feingold had the chance today on Newsweek's site (Who's Listening In On Your Phone Call) to explain his opposition to the Protect America Act (which I last wrote about on November 2 and will soon be transferring here along with all sorts of good links--but the library is getting ready to close.

The measure was to have expired February 1, but has been extended for another two weeks. Newsweek's online exclusive made it sound like we had two weeks to avoid telecom immunity, but actually, the Senate was jumping through all kinds of hoops today and it's anybody's guess what exactly was going on. EmptyWheel over at Firedoglake AKA attorney Marcy Wheeler, posted her guess. And my buddy Carnacki had a good background piece over at West Virginia Blue.

So, I guess it's wait until tomorrow to find out where things stand in this latest installment.

On the coal front, Wall Street Shows Skepticism Over Coal, sent to me by my Blue Ridge Earth First! friend in Harrisonburg, features the big news from the Wall Street Journal that some big banks (Bank of America is missing in action, as usual) are making it tougher to borrow money for new coal projects.

And on the work front, I "attended" my first Newstrust editorial team meeting--the quotes because with half of team in SF (David, Kaizar and Fabrice) and three of scattered in the East ( Rory in NY, Tish in MA and me in VA) it's done by phone. Anyway, you can check out my spiffy new profile announcing my change in status from volunteer reviewer and host to Community Developer.

Th-th-th-th-that's all folks.