Aviation Biofuels?

Richard Branson holds up a vial of biofuel.

What we are using today isn't going to be the fuel that we are using when we come to commercial use.

Sir Richard Branson of the Virgin Group was talking about the use of so-called second generation biofuels, such as algae in his quotation cited by Tim Cornwell of The Scotsman, in his 2/25/08 story, "It's Coconut Airways" about a test flight of a Virgin Atlantic jumbo jet flown between London's Heathrow and Amsterdam using fuel derived in part from a mixture of Brazilian babassu nuts and coconuts.

The flilght stemmed from the September 2006 annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative, where Branson pledged that Virgin's air and rail profits would go to combat climate change with investment in alternative energy through Virgin Fuels. But when Virgin ran it's test flight yesterday, some environmental groups would quick to savage him, with the lengthliest quotes in a story in Rudolph Murdoch's Daily Telegraph of Australia.

One has to wonder just how green Murdoch is compared to Branson, how often he otherwise covers the groups and how much sand the same groups are kicking up over initiatives like coal-to-liquid aviation fuel.