Brave New Films: McCain--More War, Less Jobs

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My post on posted on So Where Does John McCain Stand on the Issues? has gotten a lot of hits thanks to Newstrust and Google. In that oistm I looked at McCain's statements on military intervention and abortion and linked to his page at On the Issues. That site got a lot of out-clicks on topics ranging from gun control to social security to immigration to children and family services, just to name a few.

So, I found it interesting today, when I got an email from Robert Greenwald of Brave New Films, to let me know that he and his crew about two new videos posted at his blog:
Greenwald writes,
Jason, Leda, Philip and Lissette put together ...videos. And we have a major BNF strategic campaign to reach hearts and minds...

While we're using a little HUMOR in our opening effort, the war is deadly serious, the deaths to Americans and to Iraqis, a tragedy. We have seen and experienced the terrible pain and suffering. But our job right now is to reach millions of people who have erected emotional walls to any more painful news of death and destruction. So we went to the personal, the cost to each and everyone of us. And we did it by hacking the techniques of Madison Ave, a joke that gets the attention, and then makes the point...

Please post a comment on the blog with your ideas for future videos, a campaign song, a cartoon, and additional ways to get the word out... Let's keep working together to tell America about John McCain's vision for our country: I've got a hunch Joe Scarborough is going to regret ever making that joke.
Greenwald adds a link to Straight talk from Senator McCain: More wars to come:
the original clips where McCain was straight talking with an audience about the reality of his administration, and then goes on to talk about how much he will help veterans. This isn't out of context, and he didn't make a mistake. He really believes there will be more wars.
You can also view a clip on McCain's statement that we will stay 100 years in Iraq and the years in Iraq and the original Scarborough clip . Brave New Films is located at 10510 Culver Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232. You can get its latest videos on email, iTunes, RSS, Facebook, and YouTube here, To donate, you can go to this page.