So long Yahoo, Hello Blogger

Adapted from a graphic by John of All Faith.

Isn't ironic that for its own blog Yahoo has used the Wordpress platform, rather than 360? December 13 that blog alerted me to the company's new plug-in from Alex King at Crowd Favorite to make blogging easier on Wordpress.

If you were one of my blog's readers over at Yahoo 360, I had adopted that platform in August of 2005, since I was familiar with the email program. I remained for the sake of keeping all my entries in one place, even when I realized that it lacked compatibility with things like site meters.

I never heard from the company directly that they were discontinuing 360, stumbling upon entries from October 16, 2007, on its product blog and its company blog saying it was "transitioning" from 360 and to stay tuned.

Well, I did until the witching hour of this new year, having heard nothing since an update on October 24. I held off a move far longer than many who immediately left for Multiply or whatever. Since I was never a participant in the social networking aspect of the platform, I have decided to move here. Blogger lacks an import feature and Yahoo has yet to provide an export feature, so I've provided a link to the old blog, which I'll revise, if needed, once my old entries find a permanent home.

So, enough already, and on to my first real entry.