"After years of doing our part to undermine Wall Street, the darned thing fell on us!"

Graphic design used on a t-shirt used in many union actions...

Northland Poster Collective dedicated itself to placing art and humor at the center of organizing strategy. I just learned that it is no more, as of June, after 30 years and three months.
We don't have to tell you that maintaining a small, insurgent political art organization, without institutional backing or grant funding for thirty years in a capitalist economy is a struggle. That we did it for so long is an achievement we can celebrate. A couple of years ago we engaged in a major fundraising effort that retired a mountain of old debt and set us -- or so we hoped -- on a course toward long-term stability. Given a few more years of steady growth without any global financial meltdowns we may well have gotten there. We didn't get an opportunity to find out. After years of doing our part to undermine Wall Street, the darned thing fell on us!
One of the original members, Ricardo Levin Morales, has a gallery of work here. He will be selling his work online sometime in the future. If you're on facebook, you can view many of the posters here. And some of the website was saved by the the Internet Archive. (If you reach a dead end, you can sometimes do a google search on the name of the poster and artist to find it elsewhere on the internet. You can buy buttons (and soon bumper stickers) from River City Buttons. You can buy t-shirts (minimum order of six) from Aztech Graphix. Email edup1972@hotmail.com.

For other political art distributors, still in business, see: