The Atlantic's 2008 Fiction (non-fiction and poetry) Issue

Illustration by Jonathan Barlett for "Nine" available online at The Atlantic.

There you can find all of the following (plus an archive of past issues for 2005-7 and more)

  • "Nine" by Aryn Kyle plus an interview where the author talks about her debut novel, The God of Animals.
  • "Stand By Me" by Wendell Berry
  • "Patient, Female" by Julie Schumacher
  • "The Second Coming of Gray Badger" by Carter Simms Benton (plus an audio of the author reading the story)
  • "Carmen Elcira: A (Love) Life" by Cristina HenrĂ­quez (plus audio)
  • "We Are All Businessmen" by Mark Fabiano (plus audio)
  • "Obituary" by Jessica Murphy Moo (plus audio)
  • "Amritsar" by Jess Row

"My Life in Sales" by by Ann Patchett
  • Interview with Mary Jo Salter about her new collection, Phone Call to the Future
  • "Bower Bird"by Caki Wilkinson
  • "Today's Meditation: The Sadness of the Subtropics" by Debora Greger
  • "Event Horizon"by Rachel Hadas
  • "Hammer" by Lucas Howell
  • "Russet"by Dick Allen
  • "Sketchbook"by Linda Bierds
  • "Music Is Time" by Jill Bialosky
  • "Summertime" by D. Nurkse
  • "The Piano tuner" by James Reiss