Britain: Effects of economic divide "at its widest since the Victorian era."

Cover art from the July 29 report, Uniting Britain's Divided Cities.

Britain today is a divided nation, where the poorest in our society are growing poorer while the fortunes of the richest are rising. Inequality is at an all time high, and is far higher in Britain than most of our European neighbours.

It may come as a surprise that Uniting Britain's Divided Cities, quoted above, is from the Tories. Conservatives here across the pond sometimes refer to efforts to address the economic divide as "class warfare," including a Boston Herald editorial, and Jeffrey T. Kuhner's August 3 column in the Washington Times, in which he writes,

Mr. Obama´s class-warfare policies would result in economic sclerosis, lower productivity and higher unemployment.

Hat tip to Too Much for alerting me to the report. Birmingham’s gulf between rich and poor is 'akin to Victorian times’" appeared in the July 28 2008, Birmingham Post, writen by its Public Affairs Editor, Paul Dale. The Guardian published a story based on wire reports on July 29. The Conservative's webpage for the report has other coverage, plus links to the report.