Lannan awards for cultural freedom and diversity

Photo of Malcolm Margolin from the Yosemite Association when he is a member of the Boad of Trustees.

According to the December 4 East Bay Express,

Berkeley publisher Malcolm Margolin who founded Heyday Books in 1974, which focuses on California history and the environment, is one of five Lannan Foundation Cultural Freedom Award winner
to recognize individuals working on behalf of communities struggling to uphold and defend their right to cultural freedom and diversity....Cultural Freedom is a basic human right dependent on political, economic, and environmental justice.

The other winners are:
  • anti-pollution activist Bradley Angel, who worked as an advisor to the Colorado River Native Nations Alliance to prevent a nuke dump
  • anti-domestic-violence activist Esther Chávez-Cano
  • undocumented-immigrant-rights activist Isabel García, who works to change border polices; and
  • lawyer Clive Stafford Smith, of Reprieve, who represents Guantánamo Bay prisoners.