No Strings Attached at Contra

Photo of Wes, Pete, Randy and Bob by Jesse Chappell.

No Strings Attached (email, facebook) will be playing tonight at the Blacksburg contra dance with Rob Harper. One of my favorite bands, NSA (odd to think they share an acronym with the warrentless wiretappers) consists of:
  • Wes Chappell on hammer dulcimer, mandolin, mandola, guitar, pennywhistle and percussion (since 1978)
  • Pete Hastings on guitar and harmonica (since 1978)
  • Randy Marchany on hammer dulcimer, synthesizer, piano, percussion (since 1980)
  • Bob Thomas on anything bass--upright, clarinet, sax (since 1984)
Their newest album is "Old Friend's Waltz."
This will be the first time I get to try out the Y's new dance floor. And I always love to hear the guys play.

Upcoming Blacksburg dances are:

Gypsy Meltdown, by the way,includes Keith Gillis, whom I got to meet when he and his wife potter Leigh Partington stayed with Rob and Sue at the Charlottesville Fall Festival (see bottom of the entry.)