Teflon Tuesdays

The cartoon "Moral Mondays" by Kevin Siers (twitter, website) appeared July 30, 2013 in The Charlotte Observer.  


On "Moral Mondays"  North Carolina citizens protest legislation from the newly Republican-controlled state government:  cuts to education funding, restrictions on abortion and voting  and more--a total of 50 laws take effect tomorrow according to the AP's Gary Robertson (twitter).  The protests, which started in April failed to move the legislature or governor.

September 23, the 19th protest took place in small- town Yadkinville--which although a county seat, has fewer than 3,000 citizens.  This photo is by Lauren Carroll (twitter) accompanied John Hinton's  (twitter) report on the protest for the Winston-Salem Journal.

Ironically, Civitas,  a conservative think tank criticized for collecting data on the protesters for possible harassment has refuted the Governor's claims of outside agitators.  Of course, the analysis was based only on those arrested. It has, however, criticized the organizing umbrella and its groups with receiving public funding: