Arsenio's back!

Screenshots from Mark Lamont Hill's 9/6/13 interview with Arsenio Hall.


I was a fan of the Arsenio Hall Show the first time around from 1989-1994...Arsenio has serious chops, and not just as a comedian...he's a great an interviewer, as you can see as he talks with Magic Johnson about HIV.  And speaking of chops, take a look at Columbia education professor, activist and journalist  Marc Lamont Hill interview Hall on the new show.  I'm not the biggest fan of HuffPo, especially how it treated its unpaid contributors, but Hill makes it worth it to tune in...

According to Hall's website, first week guests include:
Tonight--Chris Tucker
Tuesday--Ice Cube, Lisa Kudrow  and rapper Mac Miller
Wednesday--Magic Johnson, George Lopez and rapper Nas
Thursday--Mark Harmon, Penn and Teller, Ariana Grande
Friday--Angela Bassett  and trio Emblem3

Hall has opted to sign again with CBS/Paramount so that he will have access to the archive for his original show.  It will air here, however, on Fox at 11 p.m.