Steven Soderbergh's Side Effects

Movie Poster from Side Effects.  First published 4/21/2013 at 6:09 pm.  To be continued...


Tonight, I'll get to watch Side Effects, Steven Soderbergh's noir psychological thriller and satire on big pharma.  It's also his swan song, at least for now.

Steven Soderbergh explained why would be leaving the film industry to novelist Kurt Andersen, host of the public radio program Studio 360 in an interview February 20, 2011 benefit for Omaha's non-profit movie theater, a project of  Film Streams.
The tyranny of narrative is starting to really weigh on me. I’m convinced that there’s some other way of organizing images and ideas that can create an emotional response in an audience. I can’t figure out what it is. I certainly don’t think I could get somebody to write a check to let me go off and take however long it takes to figure it out. I just need to step out. I’ve been running really fast in a certain direction for awhile. I want a change.