Just Don't Call 'Em Slaw Dogs

The above map is from "Stanton" (email), which Erica Peterson (website, email, twitter)  says is le nom de net of the CEO Weenie Wonk at WVHotDogs.com.  It came to my attention via Frank Jacobs and his strange maps website...Here's a PRI interview with Jacobs, who lives in London (UK, not KY) which highlights some more of his maps.   


In West Virginia, they are WV Hot Dogs, according to "Stanton.".   And evidently the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council says WV dog has beat out all its competitors on the hot dog side (H/T to my WV friends  Shirley and Matthew Burns...)

If you didn't know, the WV dog features chilli, mustard, onions and slaw, folks, just like we eat 'em in this part of Virginia.  I'm guess "Stanton" corrected Hawk Krawl's original poster with its misnomer, "West Virginia Slaw Dog."

The West Virginia Division of History and Culture has no record of the following marker at milepost 111 in its database for Harrison County, but I'm thinking maybe the slaw line correlates with the sweet tea line.


 Oh, and evidently, according to "Stanton," the WV Leg (as Molly Ivins might have called it) considered a pepperoni roll power play just last month...