Check out Don Asmussen's Bad Reporter strip

Cartoon from Bad Reporter for February 24, 2006 by Don Asmussen (email).

Just discovered "Bad Reporter" by the San Francisco Chronicle's Don Asmussen. Uclick describes Asmussen as having the

uncanny ability to mix multiple news stories... [which reads] like some bizarrre cross of Saturday Night Live and THE ONION.

Bad Reporter appeared first on September 25, 2003 with the slogan, “The lies behind the truth, and the truth behind those lies that are behind that truth." The first topic was the recall of Governor Gray Davis. The column had grown out of an earlier effort for the paper entitled “The San Francisco Comic Strip.”

There's also an archive of all his work for the paper here and he has his own website of animation here , which started with 1999 collaboration with Mondo Media CEO , John Evershed. His 1997 comic at Salon, "The Hero Santon" is archived here .

Asmussen also produced a regular strip for Time magazine from 1996-2001. His work has appeared in The New Yorker, U.S. News and World Report, Mother Jones, and various other publications. He has been profiled in the New York Times, Communication Arts Magazine, and Step By Step Graphics.


2/27/06--Asmussen had no article at Wikipedia so I added one .

2/28/06--Don's reply when I wrote him for permission to use the above cartoon and to let him know about the wiki article:

Thanks Beth, that's really sweet of you! Any help is much appreciated in this more and more crowded cartoon universe. I appreciated the Wikipedia article. I almost feel famous in a way... don a