Election Day in Montgomery County and Elsewhere in Virginia

Editor's note:  After Monica Daly of Eats has her registraton purged, Dan Casey asked to publish my comments on provisional ballots as a letter to the editor.  It appeared here.


Looking at the Virginia Code regarding provisional ballots,  I'm not sure if someone shows up at the wrong precinct and votes by provisional ballot, that the ballot will even be recorded in the correct precinct...i.e. you may have lost your right to vote.

So, check the Election Registration and Information System page (ERIS) of the Virginia State Board of Elections to make sure your registration is in order and find out your precinct number and voting location.  It's important. As I wrote last year in "Voter Suppression Close to Home," our registrar has mailed cards (including to me) which show the wrong precinct and polling place. The voting rolls correspond not with the card, in that case, but with your page on the ERIS.  THAT's where you need to show up to vote.

Once you know your precinct you can find out the official slate of candidates for the House of Delegates, unless you live in E-1.  In that case, insert your exact address into the General Assembly's Who is My Legislator's Service page.  As I no longer have a 911 address,  using the county real estate map,  I found the address for several neighbors both on Derby Road (my old address) and Coal Hollow Road (my un-numbered current address on the tax rolls.)  Both show that my actual property, if I had been allowed to register there, would have put me in the Seventh District rather than the Twelfth District.  This is also confirmed by the 2011 map on the County Registrar's page.

After the polls close, the Virginia State Board of Elections posts election results for local races in Montgomery County, where mayors of both Christiansburg and Blacksburg are running unopposed, but some of the seats are in contention for the Board of Supervisors and the Town Councils of Blacksburg and Christiansburg and the school board.  Or or if you live elsewhere, find the link here.  You'll also find links for election results for the statewide races for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general and for the House of Delegates.

So which House of Delegates District will you vote in?

Democrat-leaning Montgomery County has been divided (gerrymandered?) among three districts ( estimated 2012 population  95,194, of which 29 k in 2013-14 is Virginia Tech students---which of course often vote elsewhere).  Pulaski is also divided.  As Nate Cohn wrote about Congress--not the House of Delegates, but then his focus is national)
In Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Michigan, and North Carolina, GOP-led redistricting packed Democrats into a small number of heavily Democratic, urban, non-white districts, leaving the majority of districts to lean Republican. In those states, Republicans won a clear majority of districts, despite far closer tallies in the statewide popular vote. How much did partisan gerrymandering help the GOP? The estimates vary, in part based on the presumed alternative. But there’s no question that partisan redistricting efforts yielded additional GOP seats.

Here's the breakdown from the General Assembly's Legislation Information page

In the Seventh District, Democrat Michael S. "Mike" Abraham (mike@abrahamfordelegate.com) is
running against Republican incumbent Larry N. "Nick" Rush (nickrushva7@gmail.com).  You live in the seventh if you are within in B-3 (203), B-4 (204), C-2 (302), D-1 (401), D-2 (402), D-3 Part 1 (403), D-4 (404), and D-5 (405) Precincts and part of the E-1 (501) Precinct.  You vote with Floyd, part of Pulaski County (Draper (201), Dublin (301), Hiwassee (302), Massie (401), Newbern (203), Robinson (501), Snowville (304), South Pulaski (202), Walker (402), and West Cloyd (103).

In the Eighth Distict, incumbent Republican Gregory D. Habeeb is running unopposed. You live in the eighth  if you are within A-1 (101), B-2 (202), C-1 (301), C-3 (303), and C-4 (304) Precincts.  You votes with all of Craig County, all of the City of Salem,  part of  Roanoke County  (Bennett Springs (107), Bent Mountain (301), Castle Rock (305), Catawba (101), Cave Spring (503), Cotton Hill (501), Glenvar (103), Green Hill (106), Mason Valley (102), Oak Grove (304), Poages Mill (302), and Wildwood (108) Precincts and part of the Penn Forest (502) Precinct.)

In the Twelfth District, Democrat James D. Harder (harderva@gmail.com) is running against incumbent Republican Joseph R. Yost (campaign@yostfordelegate.com).  You live in the twelfth if you are in A-2 (102), A-3 (103), B-1 (201), D-3 Part 2 (4032), E-2 (502), F-1 (601), F-2 (602), G-1 (701), and G-2 (702) Precincts and part of the E-1 (501) Precinct.  You vote with all of Giles County; all of the City of Radford and part of Pulaski County (Belspring (101) and New River (102) Precincts).