Windfall in Blacksburg!

One of the nice things about Blacksburg is the Farmers Market with great vendors including Sally and JP of Glade Road Growing, for whom I write recipes posted in swap for veggies to supplement  their  farm share which I've purchased and  pick up every Tuesday at Vintage Cellar. 

And this afternoon at 4:30, I'm heading over to hear the terrific  Floyd County stringband, Windfall, that being Dave Fason, Kari and Michael Kovick and Rusty May (whom I first heard play bass with No Strings Attached (the, ahem, GOOD NSA). 

Come on down and listen until 7:30.  And buy some produce as part of this year's second Mingle at the Market.  And if you like beer and/or wine, it's for sale to benefit a program which allows folks to use the food stamp program (now known as SNAP) at the market.  Here's a study of the incentive program and how it helps folks eat better.)

Oh, and if you want those recipes, to date?  When I get back, I'll post links here, which are to facebook.  I  KNOW some folks don't want to sign up for Zuck's data miner and timesuck.  Email me and I'll send you the recipes you want.