How to be a Warrior for Community: Meg Wheatley

Image: Screen shot from Meg Wheatley's slide on how those in charge want to force us to do more with less from a video of her talk, "Whatever the Problem, Community is the Answer."

Community Voices will host her followers Kathie deNobriga and Melanie Hammet speaking on :The art of (small) Government & the (small) art of governance" at Lyric Theatre in Blacksburg on March 28 from 7 to 8.  Both are elected officials in Pine Lake Georgia.

I've admired Kathie deNobriga's work since her founding of AlternateROOTS , which artist Margo Miller-- who also heads up the Appalachian Community Fund--participates.

Here's a short essay deNobriga wrote on her thoughts.  I love the idea that Pine Lake,  pop 700+,  has these two as elected officials! I might not be able to attend, but have invited my friends who are fans of @AlternateROOTs, as well as folks nearby, who are involved in making Princeton, WV a better town...