Zimbabwe tumult continues as Barry Bearak of the NYT freed

The opposition says its candidate received a clear majority and the courts should order the release of the results, rather than let a recount proceed. Tendai Uchena of the high court agrees and promises a hearing tomorrow reports Blessing Chapwati in ZimEye.

Barry Bearak, a reporter covering the Zimbabwe elections for The New York Times was arraigned and released on bail today, according to Harrison Nkomo, one of his lawyers. He had been arrested during a raid on a small hotel frequented by foreign journalists in the suburbs of Harare, the capital, on Thursday afternoon. The Times reports on the accrediation requirements of the country as a backdoor type of censorship here.

The Guardian has a special section which includes a lot of background informaiton. One interesting piece there is today's opinion piece by the opposition leader,Morgan Tsvangirai.

The BBC's section can be found here.